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What Next?

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What, how and when?

Thank you for a great day. We had amazing time working with you.

Your photos should be ready within 3 month (depending on season )

Couple of days after your wedding ( depending on season ) few photos might be ready and you will be able to view them in your  private online Sneak Peek Gallery. 

The link will be sent to your email or Facebook msg.

When all photos will be ready you will receive the link to your full online Wedding Photo Gallery.

Your gallery  photos are  in low res and size for website purposes , so not very good for print but good enough for social media sharing.

High Res printable digital version album you will receive on your USB

(with your Video if the video is included in your Package).


If you have Photo Book album in your package please do the selection of 60 images

you want me to use to create the layout 

for your photo book album and for final print.


How to do it ?

It is simple.

Every photo on your gallery or images on your USB has unique own code  number.

Usually starts from letter S or E ...followed by numbers .

As you might have one image edited in a few versions it is crucial to not skip any number or letter.

This simply allows me to identify the image you have chosen .

That is why it is so important.





As soon as I get the list from you the layout will be created and sent for print to the Print Lab .

All your photos will be in chronological order ,so kind of your Big Day Story.

It will take approximately 30-40 days before your album arrives at your door.


Your full video along with your highlights video ( depending on your package)

will be created and edited after the photos and will be available under the

private link on my YouTube Channel.

Final version will be delivered on USB with your Photos via AnPost.

Due to Copyrights I use licensed music only.

That is all . Thank you for being wonderful customer .I hope you enjoy your photos & video. 

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