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Will you travel to photograph weddings?


Yes! I’m traveling to shoot weddings anywhere in the country and abroad! Mostly with no travel fees.


What’s involved in booking of our photo session?



If you decide to book the date with me for your Big day I need you to complete online Contract form . 

Your contract will be emailed via E Signature , so you can sign it online .



Transfer booking fee  to my account .Please state your name and/or your wedding date.


Are you insured?


Yes! I hold public liability insurance which covers also my equipment. Every professional photographer must be insured.

Many wedding venues will not allow photographers to work on the premises without it.


What happen if  you wont fly the drone on day ?


Drone service is and might be limited by two main factors which is weather conditions (rain ,strong wind ) and IAA announcements ( some aerial zones might be closed fully ,partially or altitude limited by Irish Aviation Authority ) what means no  flight in certain areas. ( Please consider the fact that airspace in range of 5 km from any airport is permanently closed for Unmanned Aircraft what means no flights at all ) 


How many edited pictures will we be getting from you?


From an 8-hour+ wedding, I will probably take approximately  1000-2000 shots. All these must be selected ,edited, therefore only the best will be presented to you what makes approx.400-500 images. However this is just an average and it is also up to you.

Remember it is your day and you are the boss ,so if you want to take a break or finish the session just let us know. We will not be pushing but guarantee we will do our best to take as much as possible in the most possible non intrusive way.

It is obvious that not all people are happy with camera .That is why we always working with every wedding couples in relax way. Session can be also fun.  


How long will we be waiting on our edited photos?


You will get access to all your photos on your online gallery within 8 - 12 weeks of your wedding day (Peak season might take little longer) . Your  USB Memory Pen Drive with all photos and/or  Video shortly after.



Can we print any of the photos you give us?



Yes! Absolutely, as soon I give you the digital files, they are yours to print out as many as you like, or give to family and friends etc.

You just can't sell them ,use them for income , advertisement or any type of commercial purposes nor present them as it is has been

shoot by you.


Can other people take pictures while you’re taking pictures?


Generally it is fine, but if I feel your guests are preventing me from getting the shots I need, I reserve the right to kindly tell them to please stop. Flashes from other cameras can  affect my photos, and on the end you hired me to do the job and capture the best images I can of  your Big Day. I also ask that guests don’t stand in or near the aisle during the ceremony, as that could affect me capturing important moments. They will have their chance to take theirs photos right after I finish.


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