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Finding the right photographer is a tricky task.

For this reason, you will agree that it is necessary

to work with one who is well connected with the

wedding space. Instead of hiring some

camera-knowledgeable gig guy off anywhere,

your big day would be better off covered by

someone who does it differently.

In my line of work, I see every single wedding as

a different opportunity for photographic craft.

For me, every celebration of love is more than

just giving the couple and family some

pictures to hold on to.

Because I see every wedding as a separate

bliss on its own, I put in different kinds of efforts into making their features shine. Everything from color grading to shadow effects and lighting is totally unique, and of course, second to none.

When it comes niche-down to ‘wedding photography’, it’s all about using pictures to set scenes and capture the real in-time moment that show emotion and human connection. Being able to tell a touching story depends on the craft and sensitivity of the man behind the gadget. Rather than just shooting just about anything or anyone that comes my way, I bring out the vibe and high of your big day, moments you probably even missed.

A good number of wedding photographers find it herculean to avoid pose photos, because those are pretty much what everyone knows. But only more experienced insiders like myself know better to favor a candid reportage style.

Imagine a war photographer asking soldiers to pose while in battle - well, don’t imagine it. A professional is able to live with the warriors in the moment and capture every ounce of action that truly tells the story.

Through my reportage style coverage, I am able to unobtrusively capture the fairytale smack in its prime. For traditional wedding photographers, it is mostly about controlling the pace and holding the day up by asking everyone to put things together for shots. But this sometimes makes delivery frustrating and results in narrative and character-lacking photographs.

It would almost like we are shooting a movie, but only with pictures. Well, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words - how about a millions of stories? With me by your side, rest assured knowing everything will be perfect.

The moments won’t be missed, the story will be touching and energy will be well-documented. To this day, nothing gives me more joy and satisfaction than seeing clients' faces when they view their pictures.

Peter Bell’s photography is smack in the moment. It is a true telling of the nitty gritty details of your wedding day, from the warm smiles to the hot eyelids. The reportage style makes it easy for couples to remember how they felt, and enables others to understand just how much the day meant and will mean to them.

We will be happy if we can capture your Big Day .


                                                                                  Peter Bell Photography & Film

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